Author(s): Jarica James 
Series: Besties & Booze
Book Number: 2
Release Date: 15th Oct 2020

Genre Contemporary

My name is Delaney Manon, token good girl who gave up her dreams as a makeup artist and vlogger to work at Manon Enterprises. I’d have lost my mind long ago if it wasn’t for my three besties. 

My father and I have always had a tense relationship, and when he calls me into the boardroom for a ‘quick and simple’ meeting, it’s anything but. They seem to think that a wholesome engagement will change the company’s image. What does this have to do with me, you ask?

Well, Dad’s offering my hand in marriage to the son of one of his three business partners. 

The problem? All three think they’re my groom-to-be, and I want absolutely nothing to do with the stuffy, pampered men and this whole debacle. But what my father says… goes. He knows how to get me to do what he wants, and this time I can’t seem to find a way out of it. 

Will I be able to convince the guys that this is a terrible plan and get my father to stop using my dreams against me, or will I end up tying the knot for good?

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