Author(s): Wendi Wilson
Series: Unpersuadable
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 9th Dec 2018

Genre Paranormal Form Vampires Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback Twins

Vampires aren’t real…Everyone knows that, but after a drug experiment gone wrong, a new generation of children share a frightening number of characteristics with the fictional bloodsucking monsters. Needing blood to survive. Advanced hearing capabilities. The ability to persuade, to control people with their minds…most people, anyway.My name is Lizzie Williams, and I have spent the last several months being molded into a soldier for the Divine Church of Purity— a group of intolerant, bigoted people desperate to keep our species pure and untainted by Homo Altiorems, or Alts.The things I’ve done in the name of the church…I have a lot to make up for. My journey to redemption takes me to Connecticut, where I meet Silas and Slade Madsen. Brothers. Twins. Insanely hot and completely irresistible. They're also one hundred percent Alt.When my former mentor threatens someone I love, my new friends vow to help me execute a rescue plan. Our mission takes us to Washington, D.C., where, in addition to facing down the leader of the Purist movement, we discover our president is using Alts to further his own agenda. Their persuasion works on his peers, the press, and the American people as a whole…but it doesn’t work on me.I’m Lizzie Williams, and I’m unpersuadable.

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