Author(s): C.R. Jane, Mila Young 
Series: The Fallen World
Book Number: 3
This series is completed
Release Date: 7th Nov 2019

Genre Sci-Fi Burn Fast Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Form Aliens Store Availability Kindle (Non-KU) Store Availability Paperback

Survival is just the beginning. Ella must fight for love and freedom on the rim of the galaxy...

Years ago, the skies blackened with the arrival of the Vepar to Earth. Dominant and secretive, they changed the world, ruling over Earth with fear.

Ella’s always been a survivor, a fighter. But now kidnapped, she finds herself on a foreign planet and running for her life.
The three men she fell for made a mistake. A grave mistake, and now their blood-mate, Ella must pay the price.
Fear drives them to keep Ella safe from the monsters who are determined to hunt her down and use the power in her blood for their own deadly purposes.

But what happens when Ella finds out that Thane, Derrial, and Corran might be the monsters she needs to fear the most….

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