Dripping Wet

Author(s): Mika Lane 
Filthy Dirty Summer
Release Date: 29th Jul 2022
This is a standalone book.

Genre Contemporary Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Store Availability Kindle Unlimited

Come on in. The water’s warm.

Three hot local boys. A secluded pool. And me…
Being errand girl for my rich fashion designer boss is the worst.
Until she sends me to her gorgeous ‘weekend’ home in the Hamptons.
Talk about an amazing perk…
Not to mention a beautiful pool that’s all mine.
But that isn’t all I want.
When I meet the three sexy guys who maintain the place,
I find they have their owns plans for the pool…
And me.
The perks of being my boss’s b*tch are suddenly not so bad.
The water’s warm and relaxing.
It's no longer the only thing that’s wet…

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