Living Lime

Author(s): Cordelia Jade
Series: The Adeline Chronicles
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 8th Jan 2020
Trigger Warning Blood/Gore
Genre Paranormal Burn Slow Build Slow Build POV 1st Person POV Age FMC High School Age (up to 18) Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback Harem Evolves Over Time Virgin FMC YA
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Adeline has a crush on Max, but he’s keeping his distance.
Recruiting her best friend Natalie as sidekick extraordinaire, Adeline decides to uncover what Max is hiding. If she knows everything about him, he’ll have no reason to remain aloof, right?
But when Adeline begins seeing things she shouldn’t, things that can’t possibly be real, she starts keeping secrets of her own. She knows for a fact that becoming the crazy chick isn’t a sexy move.
When Max is forced to tell her the truth about his origins, Addy’s problems really start.
Because what Max is? He’s made her one too.

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