Men at Work Books 13-15

Author(s): Mika Lane 

Release Date: 1st Sep 2022
This is a box set.

Genre Contemporary Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Store Availability Kindle Unlimited

Her Dirty Archeologists
As an archeologist, I’m used to getting down and dirty. But the three hot nerds at my current dig are interested in penetrating more than just the ground…
I’m thrilled to join three hunky scientists at a secret site in the middle of a desert to search for the buried riches of a lost city.
And they’re very happy to have my…assistance.
Being far from home isn’t bad with brilliant, brainy, and brawny men for company.
I have a thing for smart, sexy guys, and these ones fit the bill perfectly.
They fit some other things, too.
To find their priceless artifacts…
They dig very…deep,
Using penetrating…sensors,
And know how to value their…treasures.
But when our site is taken over by looters and grave robbers, things get dangerous.
Will they protect their precious excavation…or me?

Her Dirty Mechanics
The sexy mechanics at my father’s car repair shop get all kinds of motors running. And they’re more than willing to teach me how to handle a stick…or two or three.
When I move back to my home town to run my dad’s car repair shop, it looks like his hunky mechanics are going to be running…me.
One is my brother’s best friend.
Another, the boy I skinny-dipped with when I was sixteen.
And last but not least, a scary ex-con.
All three drive very…fast.
And are talented with their…tools.
While giving me a hard…ride.
They’re teaching me all I need to know.
And I don’t mean just about fixing cars.
Life in the fast lane is so much fun with the right mechanics by your side.

Her Dirty Detectives
Wrongfully accused, my only hope is three detectives who want to prove more than just my innocence. They want to prove they own me…in bed.
I didn’t do it.
Famous last words.
When I get accused of a crime I didn’t commit, I hire three hot detectives to help me get me off.
Three very sexy and talented ones.
They’re very good at shooting…straight.
Working long…hours.
Finding hidden…secrets.
Pumping…for information.
And rooting out…secrets.
But the real criminal is still out there.
Putting more than just my heart at risk.

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