Necessary Evil

Author(s): Harper A. Brooks 
Series: Kingdom of Monsters
Book Number: 2
Release Date: 26th Jan 2023
Trigger Warning Unknown
Genre Fantasy Trope Monster Romance Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Dark

A great evil waits for me…
And it won’t stop until it swallows me whole.

I’ve been ripped from Dark Castle, thrown back into the mortal world where I don’t belong.

Here, they think I’m crazy. They’ve locked me up and forced pills down my throat, telling me I’ve lost my mind.

And maybe I have…

I’ve fallen for three monsters after all.

Prince Airic, Knight Reis, and shapeshifter Wels—they are the sinister men of my nightmares and my deepest fantasies. I can still feel their touches, hear their voices in my head, but they’re in danger.

I have to get back to them because if the shadows close in, I can lose everything.

The kingdom.

My monsters.

And ultimately, myself.

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