Shadow in the Ether

Author(s): Katya Moore
Series: Arysia Bellmont
Book Number: 4
This series is completed
Release Date: 12th Jan 2019
Trigger Warning Unknown
Genre Fantasy Form Dragons Age FMC in their 20s Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback
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Cassidy was my first. My sweet genius. My love.
Now, he's lost to me, trapped in his own mind by dark magic.
It's up to me and the rest of my boys to bring him back to us.
What will I do to bring him back?
Who will I kill?

An ancient book, warded with powerful dragon magic, has torn my love away from me. Cassidy lies in a coma, and even my empathic powers can’t reach him.

Someone sent him that book. The Elder Council? My new allies in Alpha Squad? I don’t know who to trust anymore. But I refuse to let my mate be a pawn in the dragons’ games of power. Not as his lover, and not as his Queen.

I’m holding my mates and my McKinnett’s family closer than ever, and we’re going to fight to get Cassidy back.

Even if it kills us.

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