To Claim A Fae

Author(s): Mila Young 
Series: Winter's Thorn
Book Number: 4
This series is completed
Release Date: 24th Sep 2020

Genre Fantasy Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Form Fae Store Availability Kindle (Non-KU) Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback

The king is dead…
...and now my future, as my heart, hangs in the balance.

With the kingdom in chaos and my powers still fighting me for control, I’m left to wonder if there’s even a place for me among the fae.
Or among the three men who have been there since the beginning of this journey.
Because even they feel like they’re slipping away…
Especially since the court mage hates me and is conspiring against me at every turn.
But those aren’t my only problems.
Finding the truth of who I am and what my destiny will be is consuming me and threatening to ruin all that I have and all those I love.
If I can’t find a way to stop my enemies, we are all doomed and the fae realm will be lost. 
And I can’t let that happen. I won’t. Even if it means a fight to the death...

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