You Can Follow Me

Author(s): Jo Brenner
Series: Antiheroes
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 28th Feb 2023
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Trigger Warning Kidnap Trigger Warning Unknown
Genre Contemporary Kink Kidnap Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Trope Second Chance Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Dark Military MM

For her it was a fling. 

After her reputation blows up in New York, Kara takes off for parts unknown, determined to live life one thrill to the next. When a chance encounter with a Navy SEAL leads to the best sex her life, the promise that it could be something more sends her running.

For them it's an obsession. 

Sexy, brilliant, and lethal, Conor, Micah, and Luke have been best friends since they first joined the SEALS. Until Conor meets a daring redhead and their two-night stand becomes a dangerous obsession. Micah and Luke hatch a plan to convince Conor to move on—but after meeting Kara themselves, all bets are off.

When the three men capture her, she's forced to confront her feelings—and their anger. But Kara refuses to be anyone's captive. Though they may dominate her body, she's determined they'll never have her heart.

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