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Published: 6th October 2022 3:14 PM GMT

Disclaimer: none of these are requirements. We authors love our readers just for reading our books!

We’ve seen it in reader groups; readers asking what’s the best way to help their favorite author? A lot of the time, they think there’s not much they can do because they can’t afford to, but actually, just telling another reader about the amazing book you just read helps more than you can imagine. That’s why Why Choose? encourages you to tell your reader groups when you loved a book you’ve read. Or if you’ve discovered a new author (and if you’ve not, why don’t you try our random book generator? – you can find the permalink in the Extras menu!)

Share, comment or like an author’s posts (or ours – we won’t complain about that). You’ve probably missed dozens of posts across all the social media platforms and that’s because of the way these platforms work. If you keep interacting, you will keep seeing them. Then they will show you similar posts and yay, more RH content. But it also helps an author because these sites recognize that people are interested and won’t suppress them. If you’ve signed up to a newsletter, actually open it to read it. Quite a few email providers allow you to look at the email without opening it. That’s great for them, but for us, our email provider deems you as not interested. It also means that you don’t lose our emails in the junk box black hole.

We’ve probably all seen the various memes about reviews, but they really are like magic juice (not that kind of magic juice – behave!). The big thing is that it helps an author get visibility and on a site where we get locked in a dungeon for having the words ‘reverse harem’ anywhere near our books, visibility there is a huge deal! Not only that, but there are some readers who won’t read a book unless they’ve got a few reviews to back them up. No one expects you to write a book – we did that for you (;-)). Just a couple of words to say why you liked it.

The next one, I wish I didn’t have to say, but I will anyway – read the books from a legitimate site! If you read a pirated book, aside from taking money from the author, you put them at a real and legitimate risk of having their account shut down on Amazon. 99% of reverse harem authors are in Kindle Unlimited. We’re there because of you – our reader. Our readers read unholy amounts of books (seriously, your annual book reads are no joke!) and the best thing for you is Kindle Unlimited. Our sub-genre has the highest number of readers enrolled in KU compared to any other genre – we’re in the high 90%+ of members. Which means we authors need to put our books in KU even though everyone but the author is getting the better deal. (Did you know authors only get $0.004 per page read. Yep. Less than half a penny.) The books go into KU and we have a contractual obligation to only have them in KU. And somehow, if they end up on a pirate site, that’s our responsibility.

Which leads me to the next way you could help an author out. (And I’ll explain this because I see it get asked so often).

If a book is in KU, the author only gets paid for the first time each page is read. If you read it a second time in KU, there’s no payment. If you borrow the book and read 100 pages, return it, come back to it later and read all 300 pages, those 100 pages don’t count the second time. It’s fine – we authors know this. We wouldn’t expect you to go to a bookstore, buy a book, then go and buy another copy if you want to read it again! But, did you know that making sure you go all the way to the end of the book helps?

Seriously though, we authors are incredibly grateful for all our readers just reading our books. There’s absolutely no expectation on anyone to do any of the above!!

Is there anything I’ve missed? What do you do?