Welcome to Why Choose? A Reverse Harem Book Tracker.

Do you find it increasingly difficult to find reverse harem books on Amazon? Tired of trying to guess which books have all the men and which don’t thanks to the restrictions put on authors when listing their books?

Yeah, I did too.

I started creating a list, and then I casually asked a friend how hard it would be to create an app, and a few months later, Why Choose? was created.


Here at Why Choose? we define Reverse Harem as 1 woman and 3+ men (1 woman and 2 men is menage and is currently not included on this site). Most importantly, the FMC should never choose.

With so many books including MM and/or FF in the harem, we do include these (and tag where we can). so long as the FMC is the heart of the story. There is of course a grey area – such as if the harem grows over time – but if the series contains books which are solely MF, MM, FF, MFM, or FMF, these books are not included.

If we have made a mistake, please do message the site and let us know!

Why Choose? is a database of all the reverse harem books available on Amazon (or as close to as we can make it—new books and authors are being added every single day!) in one convenient place. But it’s more than just that. Every book is added with a ‘tag’, which means this database is searchable. If you want a paranormal romance featuring a vampire and BDSM, provided those tags are there, you will find it.

There are currently 16,925 books in this database—now there’s a reader challenge and a half!


If a book is listed for pre-order but never released, where possible, we remove the book in its entirety.

If a book was unpublished, i.e. readers were once able to read the story, the book remains on the site and listed as unpublished. Sometimes, we remember a book we have read, but not the details. We keep the book listed so you can see that it did exist.

And if it’s republished? We update the original version! Where possible, we include the original (or subsequent) publish dates and the original ASINs. If the author has changed the book title, series title, or even pen name, we do our best to capture all this information too.

These details are included in the “Book Notes” section on each book page. A lot of this information is ‘unearthed’ by the Admin who goes digging through author sites and even Goodreads, to try to keep information as accurate as possible. Again, if you do spot errors, please know this is not intentional and if you click on “Have we missed something?” at the bottom of the page, you can let us know.

For Readers

This is a database. If you came here looking for free books, you’re in the wrong place. While we have the links to the books, they lead to Amazon (or an actual legitimate retailer where the author has taken their books out of KU). Any site which let’s you read these books for free is a pirate site and we do not advocate that here.

Now we have that out of the way…

Why Choose? is free to use. You don’t even need to sign up to browse the books. However, if you do sign up, you can add the release calendar to your device and never miss a release again.

We also have added tags for Trigger Warnings. While we can’t guarantee that we’ve got every Trigger Warning for every book listed, we’re trying hard to get them added.

If you are a reader who does have triggers, we have given you the ability to set the parameters that work with you. From your profile, you can select one of two options. Hard or Soft Trigger Warnings.

Hard Trigger Warnings

You can select from the tags available on the site. Once selected, no book marked with that tag will show up in your search.

Soft Trigger Warnings

If you have a trigger and you can read books containing it provided you are prepared for it, we’ve created a setting so you get a warning to let you know that book has the content which triggers you.


You can browse authors, books, and series. There’s a random book option, a wicked search option, and you can add books to your Read list, TBR list, as well as creating your own private lists.

Where a book is available on Amazon, each book page will take you to your default store. If the book is available on other retailers, if the author has verified their profile, they are also able to provide you direct links to their books.

We’ve also added a book notes section where you can write your own comments to help you keep track of what you’ve read.

Another feature is that you can suggest books to add (I tried my best, but I’m sure there’s some that slipped through the net), and you can suggest tags to add too. If the author is signed up, they will moderate any tag suggestions, and if they’re not, we have a team of mods ready to get the books updated.

Readers sign up here

For Authors

Want to claim your books? Please do! We want you to come in and check the tags. When this was populated, the tags came from one person trying to guess what was in your book based on your blurb. Tags will probably have been missed and there’s a possibility that something was tagged wrongly.

You also get to add some links to your bio pages – Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and a whole host of other options. Once your profile has been claimed, it will get verified and you will be able to make amends. If a reader suggests a tag, on Fridays notifications are sent to the email you signed up to so that you can approve or reject tags. If no action is taken, after two weeks, they are automatically approved.

Authors sign up here


The whole purpose of this is to help authors find readers and readers to find their next book boyfriends. We’ve created share links for you to recommend the hell out of the books you’ve found and loved. Please pimp these books out. Also, feel free to pimp this site out too!

This site is free. We’re going to keep it free. But we are using affiliate links (because building an app isn’t cheap). This means, when you click on a link, it will take you to your Amazon store and if you choose to buy a book, we get a few pennies from Amazon. This does not affect how much an author earns, nor does it change the price of what you pay. Which, if you’re in KU, is nothing but your monthly subscription anyway! And don’t worry, we can’t see what you’ve purchased either!

Hopefully, we’ve made this user friendly, but if you can think of any way to improve the site, please let us know—even if it’s as simple as you think we need to create a new tag!

Edited: 4th June 2023