Welcome Authors!

Want to claim your books? Please do! We want you to come in and check the tags. When this was populated, the tags came from one person trying to guess what was in your book based on your blurb. Tags will probably have been missed and thereโ€™s a possibility that something was tagged wrongly.

You also get to add some links to your bio pages โ€“ Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and a whole host of other options. Once your profile has been claimed, it will get verified and you will be able to make amends. If a reader suggests a tag for your book, you get final say on if itโ€™s appropriate.

To sign up as an author follow these easy steps:

Sign up for Why Choose?. This is the big sign up button in the top right or click here.
Click the button below and link up your profile.
Sit back and relax, we will verify its really you and you will recive a notification once you are all ready to go!

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Edited: 17th July 2022