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Here at Why Choose? we define Reverse Harem as 1 woman and 3+ men (1 woman and 2 men is menage and is currently not included on this site). Most importantly, the FMC should never choose.

With so many books including MM and/or FF in the harem, we do include these (and tag where we can). so long as the FMC is the heart of the story. There is of course a grey area – such as if the harem grows over time – but if the series contains books which are solely MF, MM, FF, MFM, or FMF, these books are not included.


We have over 11,000 books on Why Choose? but did you know that as we’ve been adding them, we’ve been trying to tag them to make your searching as easy as possible?

When adding books, we’ve relied on either guessing from the blurbs (where there are blurbs), or from when the admins or mods have read them. Which means, although we’ve tried, we may have either missed some or put the wrong tags on.

If you’ve read the book and you think there’s a tag missing, please do help us out by suggesting tags. We’ve got nearly 350 tags including triggers and kinks.

Trigger Warnings

At Why Choose? we know that some readers need Trigger Warnings. That’s why we give you two options (editable in your profile) to make searching safer for you. Hard Triggers mean that any book with something you cannot read will not show up on the site for you, provided you’re logged in. Soft Triggers are for those who can read books with certain triggers provided you’re in the right frame of mind. These will give you a warning bar at the top of the book page for you.

If you see a book which is missing a Trigger Warning, please do let us know. We want to make reading as enjoyable experience for everyone as possible.

MM and FF

While we understand that everyone has their preference when it comes to what they want to read, the MM and FF tags are not, nor will they ever be, included under Trigger Warnings or Kinks.

Should you wish to read or not read books with this content, you can choose to exclude these tags when using the search feature.

If this is something you disagree with, feel free to stop using the site.

Searching Tags

There are now two ways to search a tag. If you’re on a book page, you can click on the tag and it will show you all the books listed with that tag.

Alternatively, you can visit our amazing search page and filter down even more – putting in what you do and don’t want. Please note, this is an ‘AND’ search – you want vampires AND werewolves.

When it comes to searching by Triggers, these are not listed in the search option. We understand that there are occasionally topics that have overlap, such that some may find it a trigger and others may find it a kink. To keep it simple in these situations the books are tagged with both the “Trigger” and “Kink” tags. Kidnapping is one of these examples.

And of course, if you set your profile to exclude a certain trigger, you won’t have books with those Kinks appearing in your searches!

If you want to see our full list of tags, you can visit:


It’s coming. This site was created because Serenity Ackles wanted an app. And Serenity Ackles will be getting an App!

Hold tight, because that’s coming soon!

Edited: 4th June 2023