New Book Release – Ivy and the Deathstalkers

Book Release
Published: 20th July 2024 3:00 PM GMT

Happy release day to Scarlett Philips for their latest release Ivy and the Deathstalkers!

My victims know me by many names, Jessica, Felicity, Morgan… My parents named me Ivy… as in poison Ivy. I’m much deadlier than the comic book character though. One touch, one drop of blood or saliva, and you’re good as dead.Read more here!

New Book Release – Dawn of Flames

Book Release
Published: 19th July 2024 4:00 AM GMT

It’s release day for Tessa Hale! Their book, Dawn of Flames, is available now!

Ripped from my mates. Taken by an evil who has it out for us all. And it’s all I can do to hold on, just hoping that they will find me before it’s too late.Because I’m in the clutches of someone who only wants one thing…power
Read more here!

New Book Release – Song of Silence

Book Release
Published: 16th July 2024 8:00 AM GMT

Happy release day to Ariel Dawn, AJ Mullican for their latest release Song of Silence!

The last thing Stormy Jones expects is to find herself in the middle of Nowhere,but that’s exactly where she ends up after tragedy strikes, leaving her without her parents, her friends, her support, and, oddly enough…without her voice.
Read more here!

New Book Release – The Reaping

Book Release
Published: 16th July 2024 4:00 AM GMT

Congratulations to K.C. Dixon on the release of The Reaping.

Who am I, now? What am I?Something strange happened during the bonding ceremony, and I have no idea what it's going to mean for Heath, Riley, Tor, Enzo, and myself.
Read more here!


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