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Published: 17th September 2023 9:49 PM GMT

This post was written by Why Choose?’s very own Super Mod but published by Serenity (because only she has the ability to do this). The only changes from the original version are to remove the names of a particular retailer.

Hello all! Your friendly Super Mod here to introduce myself. Sort of. When I got the opportunity to help Serenity and Charlie on the site, I decided I would prefer to remain anonymous. I did this for two reasons. The first is that I truly believe ALL the recognition and kudos belong to the folks who came up with and executed this gorgeous site. The second, and possibly most important reason, I’m a huge introvert. But I’ll still tell you a bit about myself. Or at least, how I got here.

I have always been a voracious reader. Once I learned to read, that was how I spent almost all of my free time. It still is. However, I have never been a romance reader. Not judging there, it just wasn’t ever my thing. Then, relatively early in the pandemic, [an ebook retailer] suggested a book to me. It looked like it fit my urban fantasy taste, and also like it contained some humor. Excellent way to distract myself! I downloaded it and started reading. Ya’ll, it was Grave Mistakes by Ivy Asher & Raven Kennedy! Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve read that blurb, but let me tell you, it says nothing about being romance, much less reverse harem. After my initial shock wore off, I was completely hooked. And calling my BFF so I could get her hooked too. (it worked)

That first year of the pandemic, I read over 800 books, almost all reverse harem. I’ve always read a lot, but with all that free time, I was absolutely inhaling anything I could get my hands on. And, as I am sure you are all aware, it got more and more difficult to find RH books through the normal searches on the [retailers]. For whatever reason, they seem to revel in hiding our books from us. I was beyond frustrated trying to find books to read, thought maybe I had just read them all. But no! I came across a magical site that showed me I had in fact NOT read all the RH books. Not even close. I don’t remember exactly how I found it, but find it I did. I was in awe, it was a glorious thing. At that point, there were over 6,000 books I could search through to my little hearts content, and I was in heaven. But wait! I could add books to existing lists and make my own, tracking the books I had read and the ones I wanted to?!? I could check out the release calendar every day and not miss new books?!? I could search by tags for exactly what I wanted, and exclude what I didn’t?!? What is this sorcery??? And who were the magicians who manifested this masterpiece? I next realized that I had books on my Goodreads that were not yet on the site. That’s when I found I could suggest books to be added. And tags! I realized I could help. I could help the owners of the site, other readers, and the authors, the whole community who had been helping me maintain some sanity during the pandemic. So I sent all the book suggestions, so many tag suggestions, just… so much.

After a little deeper look into the site, I learned there were two (yes, only TWO) people who had dreamed up this site, created it, and were populating it with all these books. Two people who had full-time day jobs, plus part-time side gigs, PLUS one who was also an author on top of all that! I was then utterly gobsmacked that they were doing all of this for free. Free for authors, free for readers, just… completely free. All those hours they each have devoted to this site, all the expenses running a big site like this incurs, all of it, just unselfishly provided for all of us to reap the benefits of. That’s when I knew I had to do more. I had found out who the magicians were behind this magical site and immediately messaged Serenity & Charlie asking (read: begging) to be allowed to help in any way possible. I had no idea if they would accept volunteers, but I had to try. I’m in my mid-50’s, retired, love books, it was a pandemic, I had the time to give. It felt like a perfect fit.

At a time when so much seemed so awful, here were these two people, just quietly giving so much of themselves to others, generously making life a little easier for so many. It healed a little something in me. Even more amazing, these two incredibly kind, generous, beautiful people said I could be part of what they had created! I hear you, this probably isn’t changing the world, really, I get it. I just disagree. Because I think putting more kindness out in this world makes it better. Making even one little thing a little easier on another makes it better. An author providing huge support to other authors makes it better. So many readers still suggesting books and tags to help their fellow readers makes it better. None of that is trivial. I am in constant awe of Serenity & Charlie, and being a small part of their vision is an enormous joy and honor for me. I had read Serenity’s books, but we were all complete strangers. For them to put this much trust in me, make me feel part of their team, be so welcoming, and again, kind, well, there are not enough words to express my gratitude.

For Charlie & Serenity, I hope all the good they have put out into the world is returned to them multiple times. For us readers, may we all find our next favorite read and book boyfriend (or 6). For all the authors, may your audience increase in a big way, just as Serenity and Charlie intended.