Her Mafia Brothers: A Dark Mafia Rescue Complete Series

Author(s): J.E. Cluney 

Release Date: 9th Jul 2024
This is a box set.
Trigger Warning Assault Trigger Warning Death Trigger Warning Domestic Violence Trigger Warning Kidnap Trigger Warning Miscarriage Trigger Warning Rape Trigger Warning Suicide Attempt of FMC or MMC Trigger Warning Unknown Trigger Warning Violence
Genre Contemporary Harem Size Small Harem (FMC & 3 or 4) Trope Mafia POV 1st Person POV Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Brothers Dark
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Her Twisted Saviors

Rescued by the Mafia brothers, I'm plunged into a whirlwind of intrigue and passion. With my abusive past fading into the background, I find myself at a crossroads, torn between what I feel and what I believe. In a world where loyalty is everything, I must navigate the treacherous waters of love and survival, where one wrong move could be my last.

I’d not thought I’d survive the night after I did the unthinkable to escape my soon-to-be husband, and then three men come to my rescue, snatching me up from what could have been my last night on this earth and treating me like a princess.

But these charming men hide something sinister behind their smiles and affection, and when I learn just who it is I’m slowly falling for, I realize I’ve fallen into a pit of vipers. Ruthless men with blood on their hands, and they’ve coaxed me right into their home and beds.

Just what do they have in store for me? And do I have any hope of surviving?

Zane Slade

When we find the little stray woman bruised and battered on the road, we decide to throw a spanner in the works of this whole laying low while the heat on us dies down. There’s no way we can just leave her to die.

But she ignites something in us, something that will cage her in with us, three sinners who would do wretched things both to her and for her.

Is she up for task, or will she flee? And if she does, I already know we’ll be giving chase.

Whether she likes it or not, we want her, and we always get what we want.

Her Wicked Men

When you’ve dipped your toes into the dark underbelly of a cruel world, you sometimes struggle to come to terms with it.

After giving the order to have my wicked fiancé dealt with, I’m now finding it difficult to accept what I’ve done.

I find myself in the clutch of those who wish to destroy the men I’ve fallen for, and I’m thrown right into the deep end of the darkness that haunts my men.

Will I wind up just another casualty in the war between families? Or will the darkness bring out the worst of us all, including me?

Zane Slade

When Veronica is stolen from us, our promise to keep her safe is tested, and the depth of our feelings for our little stray make themselves known.

There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for the woman who has wormed her way into our hearts, and if that means an all-out war with the Moretti family, then we’d like nothing better.

We just hope she’s not claimed by the shadows of our world, torn from our grips before we can share with her our true feelings.

We pray we can get her to safety, and if it means cutting down every last one of them, then so be it.

No one steals from us. Especially not our woman.

Her Deadly Protectors

I've survived everything the world could throw at me, but now a new surprise has me wondering just what this life holds for me.

I've found myself in a situation like once before, but my feelings around it this time are vastly different. My men are nothing like the one who took away something precious to me, and I know they'll help protect my new love no matter what.
But this is a whole new venture for all of us, and past shadows weasel their way in, determined to fracture everything we've built.

Zane Slade

When we discover something so beautiful with our little stray, we know everything is going to change. The men we once were will need to evolve, and we're ready to face any challenges coming our way.
But Vee's past is coming back to haunt her, along with our own, and suddenly, our new beautiful life is threatened.
With something so precious now involved, there's nothing we wouldn't do to protect the woman we love and the family.

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