Becoming Jane

Author(s): Noelle Harper
Series: Jungle Heat
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 30th Apr 2022
Trigger Warning Assault Trigger Warning Kidnapping Trigger Warning Violence
Genre Contemporary Burn Medium Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) POV Multiple POV Gamer

Lila Wilde grew up enamored with the idea of a jungle romance so imagine her luck when a new and upcoming game developer asks the company she works for to review his virtual reality romance game Jungle Heat and check for bugs. Not only is the game developer Nate Clyborn insanely hot, but his characters are too. And rumor has it, that the romance and sex in the game is off the charts. Not that Lila would know. As awkward at romance and seduction in virtual reality as she is in real life, Lila is not having much luck seducing Nate or either of his virtual characters.

In the game, you play as Jane, a professor’s daughter who explores the vast jungle and has the option to pursue two male leads; Zan and Devin. Zan is a mysterious wild man who lives in the jungle, and Devin is the bodyguard and head of security hired to protect Jane and her father. Forget finding romance or getting laid when you can’t even find one of the main romance characters and the other one hates your guts! Out of a relationship in over a year, Lila is caught up in the fantasy of seducing two insanely hot virtual men to make up for lost time.

On top of it all, Lila has a huge crush on Nate Clyborn the game developer and has been caught staring at him inappropriately multiple times now. If she is lucky, he won’t sue her for sexual harassment since he seems to value her input on the mysterious bugs that she keeps encountering in his game. You know, the same bug that allowed one of the main romance characters to try to murder her virtual character in the game.

Lila thought once the bug issue was solved that Nate would finally go away and she could concentrate on winning over his virtual characters in the game. But for some reason, the game developer keeps popping up at her door. Is Nate really that obsessed with making his game perfect or could Lila have found someone in reality who is into her?

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