Float Into the Blue

Author(s): Cecilia Randell 
Series: The Adventures of Blue Faust
Book Number: 8
Release Date: 15th Jan 2023
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Genre Sci-Fi Form Aliens Store Availability Kindle Unlimited

Blue has come a long way since she first implemented her Plan, and she's gone far beyond her initial Year of New Things. She has a new normal (which is not so normal) and is settling into life on Karran, and making progress on her studies at the Ministry's Academy.  
But when a should-be relaxing sight-seeing trip with her prida turns into a fight for survival and brings new discoveries, she'll need to redefine her comfort zones once again. 
Saving the day and getting everyone out alive? No problem.
Maneuver the interplanetary politics of the Alliance Council? Never part of any of her plans...

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