Hell's Bears MC: A Box Set

Author(s): J.L. Wilder

Release Date: 15th Oct 2019
This is a box set.

Genre Paranormal Trope MC Form Shifters Form Wolves Store Availability Kindle Unlimited

The most powerful shifter Motorcycle Club in the world is powerless without one thing—an omega.

Book 1: Omega’s Bears
I’m an omega. I’m all alone. And the wolves are coming for me.

All my life, I’ve felt I should be strong. 
All my life, I’ve felt I should be powerful.
But all my life, I’ve been nothing. 
The only thing I had was my clan. 
But the wolves took them from me. 
Every single one of my family is gone.

The wolves want me for crossbreeding, and I have to run. 
The only bears who might protect me are dangerous, lawless, and wild. 
But still I ride on. Straight into the den of the Hell's Bears MC.

Book 2: The White Omega
I've never left my home. I'm a prisoner in my own pack. All because I'm an omega.

All my life I've been told I need to stay inside, stay protected. 
As an omega polar bear, I'm an object of lust to shifter men, 
and the outside world is not safe.

When my pack's alpha claims he has imprinted on me, I know it’s a lie. 
I know the outside world is the only one I can trust. 
Even if I get kidnapped, and delivered to the doorstep of the infamous Hell's Bears MC.

I am to be their new omega, their breeder. 
What terrifies me most, is which Hell's Bear will imprint on me, and claim me for life.

Book 3: The Hidden Omega
There's something wrong with me. Sometimes I'm not even sure I'm human.

I was raised by humans, and all my life I thought I was a monster.
Turns out I'm something more valuable—an omega bear shifter.

After being kidnapped, I'm rescued by the Hell's Bears MC.
There is Clay who imprints on me, Mike who comforts me, and Bruno the alpha.
Sometimes it seems like Bruno wants nothing to do with me...

Do they really want me to be a member of their pack,
or do they just want to use me for breeding?

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