Knot Broken

Author(s): Alice Clyde
Series: The Burton Pack
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 27th May 2023
Trigger Warning Abuse Trigger Warning Abuse - Physical Trigger Warning Abuse Trauma Trigger Warning Human Trafficking Trigger Warning Unknown Trigger Warning Violence
Genre Human Omegaverse Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Alphas Brothers Military Twins

Arrogant, entitled, and utterly spoiled by everyone.
That’s who I was, a typical omega who was born to a rich, influential father.
I took every good thing in my life for granted until the alpha I was madly in love with sold me to an underground terrorist group.

I’m caged, beaten, starved, and abused.

My rose-colored glasses are smashed to bits, revealing the true place of an omega in our power-hungry society. I’m nothing more than a commodity, an object to be traded for money and power.

I lost all hope of ever escaping my wretched fate until the day the underground bunkers are attacked by the military.

Seth, Oliver and Simon are captains of the military force that rescued me but I don’t trust them.

Life has taught me not to trust anyone, especially alphas who claim they’d protect you. We’re nothing but mere possessions to them, toys that are meant to be played with and then thrown away without a care.

But, Seth and his twin brothers are determined to get under my skin and force me reveal my deepest secrets even when it can bring danger to them and everyone else I hold dear to me.

My past is like a shard of glass that’s too deeply etched into my heart. I’m too broken to trust. To love.

Can a damaged, broken omega like me ever find happiness and a pack who’d protect her?

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