Lexi's Justice

Author(s): Renee Shearer 

Release Date: 20th Dec 2019
This is a standalone book.

Genre Contemporary Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback Military

To have a successful and happy life, my Grams had five rules.
One: Find a job you love
Two: Find a man or men that you don’t get tired of ( and are good in bed)
Three: Always work hard
Four: Be dedicated and finish what you start. Always
Five: That’s for later.

I’ve tried to live by her rules, but for the last seven years, I’ve been haunted by my sisters' murder. They never found her killer. That brings me to Grams fifth rule: Don’t take any bull and make sure you get justice.
My name is Lexi Adams, and even though I never got justice for my sister, I still picked up the pieces of my life and got it on track. That is until my boss turned up dead and my relationship collapsed.
I needed some perspective on my life. That perspective came in the form of a deadly hike.
Rescued by four insanely hot Marines, things began to heat up... that is when I don’t want to strangle them.
But my would-be killer knew I survived, and wants me dead.
It didn’t matter what feelings I may have towards the four amazing men that saved me, I owe it to my sister and myself to get justice.
He messed with the wrong girl. It’s time to nut up, and nothing can stop me.
Not even the four Marines that I may be falling for.

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