Princess Resurrected

Author(s): Reese Jett
Series: Astead Kingdom Trilogy
Book Number: 1
This book has been unpublished
Release Date: 20th Apr 2021

Genre Fantasy Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Form Demons Form Vampires Store Availability Kindle (Non-KU)
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I was happy without him and desperate to find a loophole out of our arranged marriage deal the queen and king had set up. He was desperate to claim the throne as his, to finally become a King. He had been willing to do anything to gain the throne and I knew better then to let him get there. My final straw was when he had forced me to watch my men die at his hands, forcing my soul to lock up tight.

I followed them into the bliss of death soon after that. Because I had always known that the Prince couldn't be crowned without me next to his side.

My kingdom never stopped speaking to our souls though, for it was and always has been where we've belonged. It's dying son returned us to life time and time again, though its power has begun to wane.

A vampire. A demon. A guardian. A sorceress. An odd sort of group bonded together, but our souls in-tune with one another. We could rule the world, just the four of us. Or at least, our kingdom if anything.

My powers had once been strong, but have since been in wait to be awaken. I have to hurry though, because my people are counting on, desperate to be pulled from a terrible fate awaiting them. Even if our return isn't entirely welcomed. Hope has all but vanished from the streets of my one thriving village and its up to me and my men to save it.

For I am Princess Gracelynn of Astead next in line for the throne. I'll do whatever it takes to prove I'm worthy of wearing the crown to be Queen. I have a long way go though in order to be the leader these people deserve. As long as I have my men by side though, I know this is a war I can win. I just have to start with the battle first.

You know, once I regain my powers and memories that is. One step at a time with one day taken in stride.

In the meantime, simple call me Gracie.

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