Shadows and Wolves: A Complete Collection

Author(s): Mila Young 

Release Date: 9th Nov 2021
This is a box set.

Genre Paranormal Trope Fated Mates Trope Omegaverse Form Wolves Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Translation French
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Three sexy Alphas’ want to claim me, but will they be able to tame the monster inside me?

To survive, I had to pretend to be something I’m not—normal. 

Only someone strong enough to fight the darkness inside me and savage enough to stay will be able to tame my beast.

The Ash pack Alphas claim I’m their fated mate and promise to help me, but these three ruthless wolf shifters are strong, powerful, and fiercely possessive.

Being submissive to them might be impossible, but I can’t deny how their touch ignites a fire within me, how I burn to be with them in every way possible.

But will they still want me when they find out the truth of what I really am?


Shadows & Wolves is the complete collection of the Shadowlands Sector books.

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