Split Shift

Author(s): LM Wilson 
Series: Abaddon Academy
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 10th Apr 2020
The average rating for this book is 4.75 out of 5

Genre Paranormal Trope Academy Form Dragons Form Shifters Form Wolves Store Availability Kindle Unlimited
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I’m beginning to learn that falling is the easy part, in both love and life, it’s getting back up that’s hard to do, but right now, I’m determined to get back up and face this horrible world.
My name is Joey Kale and while I may be cursed, I’m not going to let it define my life. Even if that means breaking all the rules and getting myself into a little trouble.
You see I’m a shifter, from the Wolven clan, but I can’t shift.
At least not in the typical sense.
Only my mother knew of my curse, but when she was murdered, I ended up left to face the worst the Shifter community has to offer.
Abaddon Boarding school.
A school for the outcasts, orphans and downright delinquents of the Shifter community.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s also a prophecy that makes absolutely no sense:
The circle must be complete to repair the rift.
Together they must be or there will be no full shift.
By their side to heed the call.
Without the guardians she will fall.
A wolf, a dragon, and a bear.
Fire, water, earth, and air.
Complete the cycle of the spirit chain.
Or trapped within she will remain.
Trouble comes thrice more.
Death stalks behind the door.
If she falls then all will pay.
Three years to the day.

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