The Cleanup

Author(s): Manuela Rouget , Mila Sin 

Release Date: 24th Mar 2022
This is a standalone book.
The average rating for this book is 2.83 out of 5

Trigger Warning Blood Play Trigger Warning Death outside of the Harem Trigger Warning Knife Play Trigger Warning Sexual Assault Trigger Warning Violence outside of the Harem
Genre Contemporary Kink Anal Kink Blood Play Kink Breath Play Kink Dirty Talk Kink DP Kink DVP Kink Group Sex Kink Knife Play Kink Orgasm Control Kink Pain Play Kink Toys Burn Fast Heat Level 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Build Fast Build Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Trope Academy Trope Enemies to Lovers Trope Friends to Lovers Trope Second Chance Trope Villains & Anti-Heroes POV Multiple POV Age FMC in their 30s Tense Present Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback Action Alphaholes Alphas Cars Doctors Erotica Humorous Insta-Lust Kickass Woman Marking Nerds Quirky Romantic Suspense Serial Killers Threesome

It all started when we ruled our high school. I manipulated and lied my way to the top. Max, Viraj, Roark, and Zach always had my back, each participating in my schemes when it struck their fancy or they needed a thrill.Adulthood and disagreements tore us apart. Max is now a horse-raising aristocrat. Viraj is a lawyer by day and an adrenaline junkie by night. Roark is my resident hacker. Zach, well, my very own antisocial psychopath became a sweet paediatrician. And me? I'm a respected businesswoman and the owner of a multinational company, The Cleanup.This is all a front. In the Information Era, I steal secrets. And they're worth more than gold.But what happens when my best friend Ellie hires me for a heist that I can’t pull off on my own? I need my guys’ help, but will their devotion to me overcome their lifelong hatred for one another? My reputation and my best friend's neck are on the line, and I am not ready to lose it all.


The Cleanup is a full-length standalone novel. This is a contemporary heist reverse harem romance, meaning our leading lady has three or more love interests and does not have to choose between them to find her happily ever after. Please check the authors' note at the start of the book for warnings.

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