Twisted Souls

Author(s): Renee Shearer 
Series: Capturing Souls
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 27th May 2021

Genre Fantasy Build Slow Build Form Vampires Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback Kickass Woman MM

Jessica Jennings
She is a no-nonsense, kick-ass, ready for anything woman. Give her something evil to fight and she’s in her happy place. Just don’t make her talk about her feelings. Yeah, she would love to have someone, or someone's, special in her bed. But never in a million years will it be Dakota Derriks. Been there, been left by that.
Dakota Derriks
He never forgot her, the girl who made his heart race and kept him in line. Finally released after being held captive for 150 years he sees her again. Jessica, his JJ. She is as beautiful as he remembers. But she’s harder. Fiercer. His cock jumps every time he sees her. Or hears her velvety voice. This time he won't let anything stop him from being with her. Drystan Narvas
From the moment he sees her, Jess is the one that gets his blood pumping. She's tender, yet vicious. Just how he likes them. She's the soul catcher for all things evil. He's the newly crowned Vampire King, and former lover of Dakota.
With the fate of the magical world hanging in the balance, can they come together and stop an ancient prophecy from unfolding? Or will past mistakes be too much to overcome, dooming their world?

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