Wrong Devil

Author(s): Mika Lane 
Series: Dark Reign
Book Number: 10
Release Date: 14th Dec 2022
This is a standalone book.
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Trigger Warning Kidnap Trigger Warning Unknown
Genre Contemporary Kink Kidnap Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Trope Mafia Store Availability Kindle Unlimited

When three mafia men kidnap me, I learn I’m fighting the wrong devil…
Partying in Ibiza with my new ‘friends’ isn’t as fun as I thought.
It's not my scene.
Especially when I end up trapped on a yacht with three gorgeous but dangerous men intent on holding me hostage.
Which is so confusing.
Why do they want me? Is this some kind of mistake?
I’m no one, and my father doesn’t have a lot of money.
None of it makes sense.
But there is one thing I am sure of. It's how much I enjoy the punishments they dole out each time I try to escape. I hide it, though. They can't know how they excite me.
And when I learn what's really happening and why, my entire world gets flipped upside down.
These three killers are the only people who can save me.
Because it turns out they're not the enemy after all.

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