Author(s): Eva Delaney 
Series: Silver Springs Pets
Book Number: 2
Release Date: 20th Nov 2023
This is a standalone book.

Genre Paranormal Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Trope Fated Mates Store Availability Kindle Unlimited
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I'm about to break out of prison with three hot-as-hell convicts, my lying ex, and my new pet beaver.

This prison for supernaturals wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't co-ed--and hosting my bitter ex.

At least I know how to piss him off. The three charming musicians who keep hitting on me are another matter. They won't even admit what landed them in maximum security. So whatever they did is not something I want to deal with when I'm trying to be a better person.

Everything changes when a magical beaver digs her way into the prison with a message on her collar. My old friends need my help... because I maaaay have screwed them over. The only way to make it up to them is to start breaking some laws again, and for that, I'll need backup from the only people in this prison who seem to like me--plus my very dangerous ex.

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