A Tale of Sorrow

Author(s): Kelly A Walker
Once Upon A Harem
Release Date: 30th Oct 2018

Genre Fantasy Store Availability Kindle (Non-KU) Store Availability Paperback Fairytale Adaptation

Princess Sorrow Nivalis was born with a curse. A curse that keeps her father, King Fremon, away for long stretches of time. When an invitation to spend a week at Castle Ferro arrives, her father insists she attend. For this is no ordinary invitation. This is for a chance to be chosen as a bride for the quadruplet princes of Euros.
King Fremon will not accept failure and informs her she must trick them into marriage. No matter what it costs her.
Sorrow's arrival at the castle, soaking wet and covered in mud, does not bode well for her. And after a series of mishaps, and hiding more than just her curse Sorrow resigns herself to failure.
But with Lorcan's fierce protection of dragons. Carrick's love of new and wild ideas. Phelan's dramatic cheerfulness, and Orin's quiet nature, she finds her affections growing for them.
Can she keep her heart intact and remain true to herself?
Will she realise there is more to beauty than just appearance?
Oh, and what does a handful of peas, and a naughty little dragon have to do with it?

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