Author(s): Analeigh Ford
Series: The Forgotten Affinities
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 19th Oct 2018
The average rating for this book is 2.63 out of 5

Genre Paranormal Trope Academy POV 1st Person POV POV Multiple POV Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Magic YA
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Earth. Psychic. Ritual. The three magical affinities. No mage has ever been chosen by all three…until now.

My name is Octavia Hadley, and I am the mage who broke the affinity ritual. I have been at the New York Academy of Mages for less than one day and the school board already wants to strip me of my powers.

It would be a whole lot simpler if it didn’t also mean giving up on them—the four mages that I got paired up with: Kendall, my best friend’s twin brother, Draven, the leather-clad ritual mage, Cedric, the principal’s son, and Flynn, the only other mage who also has more than one affinity.

The school board tells me I am mistake, but I know that isn’t right. This magic is mine, and I will find a way to keep it. My paired mages will fight beside me even if it means losing everything—so long as it means they don’t have to lose me too.

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