Alien Enslaved IV: Spoils of War

Author(s): Kaitlyn O'Connor
Series: Alien Enslaved
Book Number: 4
Release Date: 22nd Feb 2019
This is a standalone book.
Trigger Warning Alien Abduction Trigger Warning Forced Breeding Trigger Warning Rape Trigger Warning Slavery
Genre Sci-Fi Harem Size Small Harem (FMC & 3 or 4) Form Aliens POV 3rd Person POV Store Availability Kindle (Non-KU) Store Availability Kobo Plus Store Availability Nook Erotica
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Lori had bizarre dreams of being taken by aliens before she found herself on board an alien vessel in the hold with slaves from many worlds. What she didn't understand was how Jarek, Fayn, and Aidan seemed so familiar to her when they shouldn't have. The nightmares about being bred were just that, right?

Maybe not, because the grays seemed determined to breed more slaves on her and the other humans they'd captured. Their only hope of escape are the warriors from other worlds, the Hirachi and the Satren--the very men the grays, called the Sheloni, were using as breeding studs.


This is an all new , full length, expanded story based on an earlier short story with the same title.

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