All the Teacher's Bad Boys

Author(s): N.J. Adel
Series: All the Teacher's Pets
Book Number: 2
This series is completed
Release Date: 27th Dec 2019
This is a standalone book.

Genre Paranormal Trope MC Form Demons POV 1st Person POV POV Multiple POV Store Availability Kindle (Non-KU) Store Availability Paperback
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A bad boy left me at the altar nine years ago. Today, the devil gives me a chance to have my revenge.

I head to where I swore I'd never go back to make my ex's life a living hell. But karma seems to favor bad boys in my hometown.

I should have never returned. The douche is countering my every vengeful step, and my heart is about to be broken again. This time by the hands of the Blood Demons, the members of the notorious motorcycle club and my brother's best friends.
They might be outrageously hot with bodies that make a smart teacher like me go stupid, but I won't be fooled. They're bad boys. FROM HELL.
One devilicious night changes everything.
The devil has a secret plan, and so does the MC. Not to mention my horrible ex.
I can't let him or the darkness win. I have so much to lose. This time my revenge will be written in blood.

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