An Unexpected Debt

Author(s): S. J. Pajonas
Series: The Amagi Series
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 5th Nov 2021

Genre Sci-Fi Burn Slow Store Availability Kindle (Non-KU)

Hijacked dreams and a high-stakes gamble. Can a young woman secure suitors while trying to soar among the stars?

Skylar Kawabata has her future mapped out. Frustrated by years of misuse from her family, she’s got her Class Three pilot license firmly in hand and plans to take over her mother’s interstellar shipping business. But when she discovers it’s been sold right out from under her to a handsome but infuriating man, the outraged ex-heiress vows to make him pay.

Already struggling to feel worthy enough to attract top-notch men to build her relationship network, Skylar’s fight for her inheritance turns into a heart-stopping power play. But she’s up against long odds from a love-match setup with an old crush, an impulsive bet with the man controlling her legacy, and one of her many dads becoming a dangerous threat… 

Can Skylar navigate to the destiny she desires, or will she get knocked off-course?

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