Her Dirty Ranchers

Author(s): Mika Lane 
Series: A Men at Work Romance
Book Number: 6
Release Date: 16th Dec 2020
This is a standalone book.

Genre Contemporary Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback Cowboys
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The handsome new owners of Flood Creek Ranch? They’re nice enough to let me stay. But they made it clear my ride won’t be free.

One is my brother’s best friend.
Another, my ex-high school sweetheart.
And the last but certainly not least, is my father’s biggest enemy.
All three promise to show me… the ropes.
While taking me out me for one wild… ride.
And teaching me a thing or two about getting up when the cock… crows.

I grew up at Flood Creek, but left the dusty godforsaken place first chance I got. And now that the big city has gotten the better of me, I’m running back with my tail between my legs.
Yup, I got chewed up and spit out.
And now I'm back.
They say you can't go home again.
I think they were right.

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