Legendary Triad

Author(s): Rae Hendricks
Series: Academy of Dark & Light
Book Number: 1
This series is completed
Release Date: 11th Jan 2020
The average rating for this book is 4.88 out of 5

Trigger Warning Abuse - Emotional Trigger Warning Abuse - Past Trigger Warning Unknown
Genre Paranormal Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Trope Academy POV 1st Person POV Age FMC High School Age (up to 18) Store Availability Audiobook Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback Magic Virgin FMC
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I have lived my whole life in the shadow of a magical secret being none the wiser...

I am nobody. I am nothing. That is what has run through my head since I was a small child.

Freak. Garbage. I have been called it all and from my own flesh and blood.

Finally, at 17, I am free, as free as a homeless teenager can be. I constantly move around, doing every job I can to make sure I at least have food to eat, and I am thankfully alone.

I like it that way, and if it is up to me, it won't change. No one will ever get close enough to hurt me again.

But when I get literally dragged, kicking and screaming into an ancient school for magic users hiding in plain sight, I know avoiding others will no longer do me any good. Because if I don't build my powers and get ahead in this world, I am useless and dispensable.

What I don't count on while working hard to stay on top is to get the attention of the Legendary Triad; three young men who are both the worst and the best people I have ever met. And our connection, like it or not, will shape our fate while at The Academy of Dark and Light.

And maybe even after.

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