Lost Wolf: Part Two

Author(s): Kelsey Soliz 
Series: Rejected Mates of the Shelter
Book Number: 3
Release Date: 8th Feb 2024
The average rating for this book is 3.75 out of 5

Genre Paranormal Trope Rejected Mates Trope Second Chance Trope Single Parent Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Babies, Pregnancy or Children
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Trying to fix myself, I allowed Jace to claim me. Does it count though, if you do your best to convince yourselves it's a dream? I was hoping that would be a fresh start for us, because I'm getting closer to his packmates, but...for being fated, it's awfully hard to stay together.

Thanks to the new bond, I experience part of the explosion with him,and I turn into a deranged monster tryign to get to him, but what if we can't find him?

There aren't supposed to be this many hurdles when you find your pack; you're supposed to meet, mate, and build a life. So why is it so hard for us to get this last step right?

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