Love of Anarchy

Author(s): Salem Cross 
Series: The Apocalypse Trials
Book Number: 2
This book has been unpublished
Release Date: 30th Nov 2023

Genre Paranormal Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Store Availability Kindle (Non-KU) Four Horsemen
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Where is Lucifer Morningstar?

As the trials get progressively harder, Lucifer has been noticeably absent. If he’s not here by the end of these deadly games, who will lead us into the upcoming apocalypse? Will it be his second-in-command Arziel?

As the competitors weed themselves out, we’re getting down to the wire. Soon, four new Horsemen will be crowned and it looks like it may be us.

Between the bloody games and the passionate storm brewing between me and my teammates, we have our hands full. Together on the field, we’re a force to be reckoned with. Behind closed doors, we’re even more so. These men understandme and match my darkness with their own.

When a clue is uncovered that has nothing to do with the trials and everything to do with the fate of Hell, I’m faced with a horrific choice: sacrifice what’s important to me to save Hell, or doom us all to a fate worse than death.

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