Pack Forsaken

Author(s): Jarica James 
Series: Blood and Moonlight
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 16th Apr 2022
The average rating for this book is 3.75 out of 5

Trigger Warning Death outside of the Harem Trigger Warning Kidnap Trigger Warning PTSD Trigger Warning Stalker Trigger Warning Unknown Trigger Warning Violence Trigger Warning Violence outside of the Harem
Genre Paranormal Kink BDSM Kink Male Dom Kink Orgasm Control Kink Pain Play Burn Fast Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Trope Damsel in Distress Form Wolves POV 1st Person POV POV Multiple POV Age FMC in their 20s Tense Present Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Abused Female Abused Male Alphas Angst Insta-Lust Mystery

I’m a lone wolf with a stalker on my tail… 

My name is Vanya Mason, and after an incident that left me broken, I chose exile from my pack rather than facing the harsh truth. 

The alpha made it very clear that my pack never cared about me, they cared about my submission. And that’s not the life I want to live. 

Especially alone. 

But I learn the very first night on the road that being a lone wolf is dangerous. After I barely escape with my freedom, I find myself in a small human town. Somewhere safe I can lay low while I figure out my next moves.

Or so I thought…

After a body lands directly outside my motel door, a local alpha shows up to ask me questions. It’s clear he doesn’t quite believe me, but he offers me sanctuary. 

Keep your enemies close, I guess. 

After the stalker makes another bold move, I have no choice but to seek refuge with a pack that doesn’t trust me. But the longer I spend with Nyx, Leven, and Callum, the less I want to leave. It feels like I have a place where I can finally be an equal. However my presence comes with a very dangerous ripple effect. 

Will they protect me and fight by my side, or will I spend my life forever on the run?

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