Poseidon Is Mine

Author(s): Mila Young 
Series: Rise of Hades
Book Number: 2
This series is completed
Release Date: 13th Nov 2018
The average rating for this book is 4.5 out of 5

Genre Fantasy Trope Enemies to Lovers Trope Fated Mates Form Gods & Goddesses Store Availability Audiobook Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback Mythology Greek

I’m a champion. Bound to fight Titans. Sworn to act as Zeus’ shield and defend the gods.

And I’m in trouble.

Apollo’s bright love is consuming, and the dark god Hades fills my dreams with lust and desire. Even though I’m torn between them, the sea god, Poseidon, surfaces to calm the chaos, except I’m falling for him.

I’m living my new life on a sword’s edge, losing part of myself with each passing day. Trying to walk the fine line between my humanity and godhood is proving difficult.

Heracles attempts to help me control my new power, and Ares insists I leap into the fight. All while the darkness is consuming souls with greater frequency. And I worry not even the gods can stop Death.

I’m drowning in Poseidon’s affection…it’s either hold on tight…or be swept away. But either way, Poseidon is mine.


Previously published as the Gods and Monsters series.

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