Room One Hundred and Eighteen

Author(s): Tamrin Banks
Club Sin: Seattle
Release Date: 18th Jun 2024
This is a standalone book.

Genre Contemporary Harem Size Small Harem (FMC & 3 or 4) POV 1st Person POV Store Availability Kindle Unlimited
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Courtney Monroe:
I'm poised to take over my father's company and looking for a little stress relief. Enter the invitation to Club Sin and all your darkest desires brought to life.
My night out becomes something strange when I meet three men, I can't see their faces but something about them seems familiar.
One night together becomes the biggest mistake of my life. A night that could destroy my company and blow up my family's future leaving nothing but fractured feelings, anger and emotions lying broken all around me.
Reid Braxton, CEO:
I've missed Courtney every day since our parents started the feud that wrecked our friendship. Now that I've had her, I'm never letting her go. She's mine.
Max Murphy, CFO:
She was always my ultimate fantasy. But now? This damn company can go up in flames for all I care. I just need her. Even if it's sharing her with men who know me better than anyone else.
Cash Renault, Security Chief:
As soon as I saw her in that club, I couldn't let her get away.
But someone else wants Courtney and they think that she's theirs. I will bury any man that comes between our woman and the ultimate goal...a future with the woman that owns all our souls.

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