Ruined Beta

Author(s): Romy Lockhart 
Series: Sweet Omegaverse
Book Number: 5
Release Date: 1st Jan 2024
This is a standalone book.
The average rating for this book is 4.25 out of 5

Genre Human Omegaverse Store Availability Kindle Unlimited HEA
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Leanne Leto spent most of her life running from the truth. Now that her biggest secret is out in the open, she vows to get over her bone-deep fear of Alphas to make a fresh start in Cressidan City.

Admitting what she truly wants out of her life, she starts the career she’s always craved. The only trouble is, she’s forced to work closely with Alphas who know every detail about her past.

Falling for the men she works with isn’t part of her plan, but she’s not sure she has the strength to resist their allure. Can this pack help heal her heart, or is she doomed to forever be ruined by Alphas?

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