Shay's Acceptance

Author(s): Bre Rose 
Series: The Prophecy
Book Number: 2
Release Date: 24th Sep 2022
The average rating for this book is 2.5 out of 5

Genre Paranormal Store Availability Kindle Unlimited MM


We hit her! Who the fuck was she running from?

Two wolves, a vampire and a fae. 

Then those dreaded words, she’s not breathing.

We‘ve come so close, I can’t lose her now before we reconnect. 

What does this mean for my child, the one I never knew existed? 

If she survives, how do I explain who she is, what her role is in the prophecy that could bring the end to all supernatural beings. 

Then there’s the four of them, how did she mate with them as well?
They think they can keep her from me but they have another thing coming.


Who are these men who claim to be my mates? 

They told me of a supernatural world, one I never knew existed.

Apparently I should have, since I’m part of a prophecy that could end it all. 

But how can I do that if I can’t accept what they’re saying about who I truly am. 

Can I do it in time before he finds me? He only wants to ensure he stays in power.

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