Snow's Mates

Author(s): Susie McIver, Sadie Stone
Series: A White Cheetah Sisters Series
Book Number: 2
This book has been unpublished
Release Date: 25th Apr 2022

Genre Paranormal Form Shifters

I remember what happened. I don’t have to guess what became of my twin and baby sister. The Hyenas killed them all.
That tragedy not only left me orphaned; it left me under the care of my horrible Fae grandmother. For years, she thought I was Rain, my sister. When I disclosed my true identity, she ordered my death.
I learned to fight. I became better than most others. Learning to protect myself would come in handy. Meeting Moon, a wolf, would make me want to learn about love. But I couldn’t focus on that yet because my twenty-first birthday was coming up, and my life would change yet again.
On that day, I would be the only living white cheetah… or would I?
Word of another white cheetah makes me wonder if Rain is still alive. If so, will she help me destroy our grandmother before she destroys me?

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