Tainted Saints

Author(s): Rosa Lee
Series: Fairytales With A Twist
Book Number: 12
Release Date: 11th Aug 2023
This is a standalone book.
The average rating for this book is 4.31 out of 5

Trigger Warning Abuse Trigger Warning Abuse - Emotional Trigger Warning Abuse - Manipulation/Gas Lighting Trigger Warning Abuse - Physical Trigger Warning Abuse Trauma Trigger Warning Blood/Gore Trigger Warning Child Abuse - Violence Trigger Warning Death outside of the Harem Trigger Warning PTSD Trigger Warning Torture Trigger Warning Unknown Trigger Warning Violence
Genre Contemporary Kink "Call Me Daddy" Kink Anal Kink BDSM Kink Brat Kink Breath Play Kink Dirty Talk Kink Dom Kink DP Kink DVP Kink Exhibitionism Kink Female Sub Kink Group Sex Kink Male Dom Kink Male Switch Kink Orgasm Control Kink Praise Kink Voyeurism Burn Fast Heat Level 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 - Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot! Harem Size Small Harem (FMC & 3 or 4) Trope Academy Trope Damsel in Distress Trope Forbidden Love Trope Found Family Trope Villains & Anti-Heroes POV 1st Person POV POV Multiple POV Age FMC High School Age (up to 18) POC MMC - Latinx Store Availability Hardback Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback Mental Health PTSD Dark Fairytale Adaptation Gangs Jealous/Possessive MMC MM Playlist Included
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What if everything you’ve ever needed, is everything you can never have?

In the opulent British Ambassador's residence, nestled near Washington DC, an unexpected encounter awaits that will rock everything I thought I knew and change the course of my life. At my new school I meet the enigmatic Tainted Saints—three mesmerising men who become the protectors I never knew I needed.

However, my sordid past unravels as the Ambassador, the man who sired me but will never earn the title of father, reveals his true depravity. With a shocking thirst for blood, he tests the limits of his monstrous nature.

Can I escape his clutches and find true freedom? Or will my life be forever tethered to him instead of the deserving men who have captured my heart?

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