Tattoos and Prophecies

Author(s): Everly Taylor
Series: Amulet of Queens
Book Number: 2
This book has been unpublished
Release Date: 12th Nov 2019

Genre Paranormal Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Form Vampires Prophecies
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When the Prophecy is revealed, can I do what it takes?
Not that long ago I knew nothing of this world, I was just a tattoo artist for fucks sake. One that was happy to be left to my own vices with my best friend to keep me company. Fate had a funny way of sinking its teeth into things though didnt it?I learned that the hard way when /I grew a pair of my own, fangs that is.
We had battled The Darkness, but not without a great cost to the clan, and now we needed to find a way to defeat it one and for all. I wasnt sure I was willing to risk those I loved again though.
I needed to learn my powers and fast if I were to protect the amulet and my clan from the darkness for good.
The past and future collide. Damien, Adrien, Aldrich and Dmitry. Will they be able to put aside their differences so we can work together and fulfill the prophecy that has been centuries in the making?
When the time comes, will I be strong enough to be the Queen I need to be, the Queen that the Prophecy demand I be?

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