The Alpha: Part Two

Author(s): Avanne Michaels
Series: The Alpha
Book Number: 2
Release Date: 3rd Nov 2023
The average rating for this book is 3.25 out of 5

Trigger Warning Abuse Trigger Warning Abuse - Child Trigger Warning Abuse - Past Trigger Warning Blood/Gore Trigger Warning Death outside of the Harem Trigger Warning Domestic Violence Trigger Warning Human Trafficking Trigger Warning Kidnap Trigger Warning PTSD Trigger Warning Rape - in Character's past Trigger Warning Unknown Trigger Warning Violence
Genre Human Omegaverse Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) POV 1st Person POV POV Multiple POV Store Availability Kindle (Non-KU) Twins
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Desie is running out of time.

And hope.

Every day that passes takes her farther away from everything she loves, and sinks her deeper into the dark web Flores has woven around her and her pack.

Michael has given up hope of ever seeing his omega again, and he's afraid to let himself hope that his brother might still be alive. All he can do for Desie now is fight to keep her safe, no matter the distance between them.

Seth is no stranger to hopelessness. He is well-versed in misery, and misery is what he's drowning in as he races against time to save the three people who can save him from himself.

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