The Goddess is Awakened

Author(s): JB Trepagnier
Series: The Academy of the Profane
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 17th Jul 2023

Genre Paranormal Trope Academy Form Gods & Goddesses Form Hellhounds POV 1st Person POV POV Multiple POV Age FMC College Age (University) Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback FF Outside of Harem Harem Evolves Over Time Kickass Woman Magic Mixed Species Harem Teacher
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The Academy of the Profane has been a dream for my twin and myself for ages.

I'm a young god pretending to be a witch and she's a Hellhound. We're twins, but we have different fathers. There's not really a curriculum for either of us, but after hearing my mom and aunt's stories, we can't wait to go as a rite of passage. The headmaster hates me and personally sued me when I was a teenager for inheriting something she thought she was owed. Her daughter is now in class with us and she's completely terrible.

Something is also very wrong here. The God of Death is my history teacher. They said they made a promise to my mother years before i was born to tutor me in all the god things my dad might not know, but that's not why they are here.

The God of Death is here teaching history because they have a bad feeling. They said every few decades or so, they get a bad feeling surrounding the Academy of the Profane, but by the time they get here, students have already died before their time.

And if it's been going on this long. it means a fellow god has gone bad

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