Vicious Kings

Author(s): Nora Cobb
Series: Ivymore University
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 24th Dec 2021
Trigger Warning Bully within Harem Trigger Warning Unknown
Genre Contemporary Trope Academy Trope Bullying Age FMC College Age (University) Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Dark

They forced me to play their twisted game – and there’s only one way out.
Once upon a time, I was a princess – a daughter of the wealthy elite.
Until everything was ripped away.
And I had to do unspeakable things to survive.

I sold everything: from my possessions to my dignity.

And just when I thought I escaped it all…
… They dragged me back.

Jaxon, Asher, and Hudson.

Three drop dead gorgeous boys.
Out to destroy me.

Our pasts are intertwined in the worst possible way.
And they’ll do whatever it takes to make me fall.
Whatever it takes to make me pay.

Ivymore was supposed to be my second chance at life.
Unless these bully boys get their way…

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