Zuko's Fate

Author(s): Rachel Starkie 
Series: Dragon Valley
Book Number: 2
Release Date: 22nd Jan 2022
Trigger Warning Abuse - Past Trigger Warning Violence
Genre Fantasy Kink Anal Kink BDSM Kink Dirty Talk Kink Group Sex Kink Spanking Kink Toys Burn Fast Heat Level 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Build Fast Build Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) Trope Fated Mates Form Angels Form Demons Form Dragons Form Elementals Form Elves Form Fae Form Gods & Goddesses Form Hellhounds Form Incubus Form Mermaids Form Reapers Form Shifters Form Unique Shifters Form Witches, Warlocks & Mages Form Wolves POV 1st Person POV Age FMC Immortal Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Action Babies, Pregnancy or Children Foursome LGBTQIA+ Character Magic Mixed Species Harem MM Mystery Soulmates Threesome

Now it is my turn…
Hey guys, Zuko here. *Waves wildly*
That is right, it is time for my story. Time for me to be the star, but don’t you go thinking I am better than my sister.
Risa is everything and will be the queen of all. *Wags finger at screen*
I bet you are wondering what is going on, well... Get ready, because I have lots of fun plus yumminess you will never forget.
Possibly a battle!
Before we get to that, have you read my sister Risa’s story? No? I will wait-but hurry, or you will miss the true amazingness of my story.
Oh yes, Master Leo made me remember to say that war is coming, and we need to get ready!
Once you were asked Are you ready to come into the light?
Prepare yourself because you are about to be thrown into the darkness, let the fun start, and let all hell break loose!
Oops! I have said too much! Toodles...


Previously published with the ASIN "B09HP9BR6T"

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